Thursday, March 1, 2018

Does Your Sleep Position Matter?

Everyone has their own favorite sleep position.  Does it matter at all?
Back sleeper

It is a general consensus that sleeping on your back
is the most advantageous simply because your back is aligned properly and there is no strain to your body.  However, this is problematic for those who snore and your partner will more than likely want you to roll over and hang tight to the blankets in the process.

Side sleeper
Sleeping on your side is said to be the next best position.  In this position, your back is still aligned providing bed pillows are tucked between the knees.  It is also good for those who suffer with sleep apnea and for snorers.  There is said to be pressure on the organs like the liver, stomach and lungs if you sleep on your left side while this is not normally an issue in quality sleep, and sleeping on your right side increases the chance of heartburn.

Stomach sleeper
It is said that sleeping on your stomach is the worst position.  Your back is in an unnatural arched position that could lead to tingling or pain, and since the head is turned to the side, pain in the neck area as well.  A bed pillow is not recommended in this position as this would increase the arch in the spine.  There is a plus to this position as snoring can be reduced.

You are the master of your sleep position.  What works best for you and your partner is what you will want to stick with.  So sleep well, that's the goal.

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