Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where Did Today's Wedding Ring Quilt Design Come From?

Romantic Wedding Ring

Romance is the theme of the wedding ring quilt design.  This design originated way back in the 4th century from the interlocking metal rings that decorated Roman glass cups. Later on, gimmel interlocking rings were made and used in engagement ceremonies in the 15th and 16th centuries. According to, when the couple became engaged in this ceremony, the man wore one ring and the woman the other. When they married, the rings were interlocked and both rings were worn by the woman. Thus began its romantic theme that evolved into the double wedding ring design we have in our quilts today. It is believed that this design came to America from the German immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania in the 17th century.

Nicolette Wedding Ring
Quilts have always been around. They have always been an item of beauty as well as functional. Before material was mass produced, the material was spun and woven by hand, a time consuming project that could take years to make. With the manufacture of cotton material around 1840, it became a much easier feat and more affordable. With the early settlers in America, scraps from clothing were reused as patches and the women formed their own designs for the quilts.
Royal Wedding Ring

The wedding ring quilt design gained popularity in the 30's and 40's when quilt magazines and newspapers published articles about it and printed the pattern. Kits were even sold with fabric already cut as the demand increased. The romance continues today in this continuing popular wedding ring quilt design.

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