Thursday, November 30, 2017

Use All Five Physical Senses to Make Guests Feel at Home

Providing guests with pleasurable surroundings helps to enhance a good night's sleep.  Appealing to all five senses will lean toward that end.  Here are a couple ideas.

1. Place a lavender plant somewhere in the room.  It provides a
pleasant aroma as well as releasing the natural properties found in the lavender plant that encourage restful sleep.

2. Update your bedding.  For a full night of comfort, choose soft, luxurious bedding like a cotton duvet cover set to make your guests
feel pampered.  Provide down alternative bed pillows to avoid any allergies.  If you have wood floors, lay a throw rug beside the bed so that they don't step out on a cold, hard floor.

Duvet Cover Queen Reversible Sheets Set Zakynthos by Dolce Mela Bedding
3. Remove any unsightly clutter.  A guest room can end up to be a catch-all for the items we will take care of later.  Box up what you don't use and donate them, or have a garage sale.  Resist the impulse to just shove it in the guest room and close the door.  Then decorate your guest room beautifully so as to offer to your guest what appeals to the eye.

4. Minimize outside noise by hanging lined drapes at the windows.  This will also lower the light that will create a better atmosphere for sleep. 

5. And the last.  Provide your guests with the option to drink hot chamomile tea.  This will help to relax the body naturally in preparation for a full night of restful sleep.

While we may not think of appealing to all 5 senses in relation to guest comfort, and while it may not have that much effect on the quality of sleep, it's deserves our consideration.  It is, after all, the goal to provide optimal comfort for our guests.

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