Thursday, November 16, 2017

Quilts with a Unique Twist

There are many types of quilts, bed quilts, quilted throw blankets, table runners and coasters to name a few.  But there is another type recently emerged that are unique to American culture in recent years.  The creative and beautiful barn quilt provides an interesting take on the age-old art. Displaying a quilted pattern painted on plywood, the design is mounted to the side of a barn, garage, or where ever it can fit. Quilt trails consist of multiple barn quilts in a neighborhood and in the country which create unique scenic routes. While the first barn quilt was recently
made in 2001 for a community celebration in Ohio, the first trail started when Donna Sue Groves built and designed a barn quilt to honor her quilting mother. Groves placed it near the recently made community quilt and the trails continued to expand. See the full story here.  Currently 43 states contain quilt trails, while they sustain ongoing growth throughout the U.S. Many quilting varieties exist, though none are quite as unique as the barn quilt.

The beautiful art of quilting has undergone many alterations, while it is unceasingly passed down from generation to generation. Quilting began by hand.  Since its warm beginnings, charming and comfortable quilts are also now used for outdoor decoration, and painted designs on plywood and barn quilts are displayed and enjoyed for everyone to view. Essentially, quilting has, and will continue to change, however its many forms will be cherished for years to come.

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