Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Big Brother in Your Bedroom?

Hidden cameras are being found in various 
hotel rooms of unaware travelers as they settle in for the night. They show up in different disguises that may readily be dismissed as just another small gadget by your bed.

A definite step up is a model you can purchase yourself for any room in the house. Already on the market is an electronic device working on the cloud and voice based to answer basically any command – and now a new second generation model has come. The original Echo Spot has
been used as a digital alarm clock/camera/microphone with multiple features to wake you in the morning. It answers voice commands giving weather conditions, finding recipes and some models can even control the temperature in your home, lights, garage doors and sprinkler systems. They can work with your other smart devices.

How close are we to Big Brother? I'd say very close. We assume we can trust all these devices but can we really? With the many hacks taking place, I dare say there is no privacy anywhere, even in our own bedroom, under the blankets. 1984?

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