Saturday, September 2, 2017

Traveling with a Soft Plush Down Alternative Comforter

So you're taking a long road trip. You have packed outfits for every day. You also packed extra for
any occasion that may arise with it's own style, one outfit for daytime, one for evening and if you're going somewhere warm you've also packed clothes for swimming, boating and any other occasion you anticipate. And shoes to go with each outfit.

You have packed for all your personal hygiene needs – your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup
and all that goes with that, wet wipes and your hair supplies. You have packed snacks and a cooler with drinks and possibly a light meal to eat along the way. You have even brought a plastic bag or two for trash so you don't have to stop as you drive straight through.

Well you're ready. You have packed everything – or have you? What about comfort on this trip? A long road trip usually involves more than one driver. Have you packed a soft plush down alternative comforter? Why you ask? Sleep comfort is important to arrive fresh at that long awaited vacation site. You don't want to arrive with a backache or aching neck.

For those traveling in the back seat, you can roll up that soft plush down alternative comforter and spread it out for one long pillow. That way you don't have to cart a pillow for every person. Or if you're cold cover up with it and leave a little extra at the top for your head to rest on. Traveling in comfort is the whole idea.
Keep a soft plush down alternativecomforter in your car in it's own zippered case for any occasion, whether it's for travel or if you come across an emergency road situation. You'll be prepared and ready. And don't forget your travel pillow!

Have a great trip!

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