Saturday, August 26, 2017

What is Your Favorite Spot to Spread Your Picnic Blanket?

Picnics are fun.  Pack your basket, grab the napkins and the picnic blanket and go.  Where would you choose to eat your picnic?  Do you go for a secluded lake scene?

Or would you rather pick a spot in the mountains where you can see for miles.

Do you like to sit at a picnic table or would you rather sit on a lined picnic blanket?

 If there are kids along, would you pick a park where there is a playground or would they rather take a hike in the woods?

The atmosphere of your picnic experience affects how well your digestion process works.

If there is chaos or a lot of noise, you may end up with indigestion in an hour or two.

 If you are surrounded with a favorite outdoor scene, it creates a sense of peace and the result is a  meal peacefully digested.  Favorite is an individual choice.  Would this be your favorite picnic scene?

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