Saturday, July 8, 2017

So You Have No Peace.....Can't Sleep at Night?

All is quiet in the house – except that's when everything in you goes into full gear. So much in there. So much to deal with. So many things pressing in. You have no peace. You can't sleep.

Maybe you've tried all those health drinks and maybe they have worked to a degree. Maybe you've spent thousands of dollars on self-help solutions when your emotions are out of control. Maybe
you've tried the medical world. Maybe you've tried different religions.

Maybe they help and maybe they don't. There's still an inside struggle and an unrest you can't put your finger on. Peace – real peace doesn't come from any outside source. The Creator of the universe has made you in His image. You were made to be complete with Him inside you. You will never have peace without Him. Love created you and Love will cradle you in every storm – if He is invited to be the Master of your life, meaning you give up, give in and give to Him your whole being. He has peace you can't even begin to imagine until you experience Him for yourself.

There is a part of man that has been ignored – the real you. That's the part that becomes whole when Jesus – the Prince of Peace – is allowed in. You will still have problems to deal with but you won't have to solve them on your own. He will be your counsel and help. And oh, the rewards of a loving Savior! Put the darkness out, invite the light in. Now sleep peacefully, loved one. You can trust Him.

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