Monday, June 5, 2017

My Bedroom .... Ahhh ...

I come home from school and find my way back to my room to hang out for awhile. It's my comfortable place where I can relax and chill. I'm enjoying my time when I hear my mom coming down the hall. She knocks on the door then peeks in.

Well, it's not too pretty then... What? A mess? Nuh uh. Mmmm ... well. It's lived in. My comfort zone. But clean it up? Seriously? Where do I start?

She says I have to start with the floor because there's no place to walk. There are lots of things on the floor, mostly clothes. I really don't know which ones are clean and which are dirty so I grab a laundry basket & stuff them all in there. There are a some pencils and odd things in there, but oh well, mom will sort it all out. She always does.

I have to make my bed? The bed linen sheets & pillowcases - I have to find them first. Wait, I think they're in the laundry basket. Yes I found them. What a job! Everything was off. How did this happen anyway? When I get the sheets put on my bed, then I have to put the Monica floral roses bed quilt on too. And I have to put the cotton bed pillows inside the quilt shams too. This is a lot of work!

I don't have time to sweep or dust, it's time for dinner. I'll do that another time. And I promise my Mom I won't let it get this cluttered again ... ever.

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