Monday, May 22, 2017

Is There Bedding to Fit Your Sleep Pattern?

What kind of sleeper are you? Are you one who stays in the same position all night long or doesn't move from your spot on the bed? Do You sleep soundly and wake up to a bed almost made because you haven't moved all night? For you, making your bed is a simple matter of just bringing the top covers up to the head of the bed and putting the cotton bed pillow down alternative set and any decorative pillows back in place. It should take you less than one minute, easy, to make your bed. You are very fortunate. You probably wake up totally refreshed in the morning. This is great, it's ideal.

Or ... are you one of those who runs a marathon at night or fights off dragons all night long? It can be physically exhausting and the alarm clock is a tortuous enemy that wakes you up in the morning. Not only have you been restless all night long, but when you wake up, making the bed is another nightmare. Your best bed sheet set may have gone in different directions and your best comforter for pillowtop mattresses is no longer on the bed either, no matter how large it is. So not only have you awaken not rested but you now have a mess to clean up. Making this bed takes a while, what with running back and forth around the bed to gather up all the bedding and putting it all back in place.

The good news for you is the duvet option, like the grey pinch pleat duvet set. The duvet is an envelope type sheet that doubles as a top sheet and a beautiful looking cover on the other side for the top of your bed. It is designed to enclose inside it a thin lightweight coverlet for the warmer months or a thick heavy down & feather comforter for extra warmth for the colder months. The duvet sets come with either a button or zip closure to keep your comforter from slipping out. There are those sets available too that come with the comforter included.

So for you active sleepers, this is your labor saving device for your bedroom. Your bed making nightmares are over!

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