Monday, May 29, 2017

How to Sleep with a Snorer

This is an age old problem. Usually there's at least one in every household. We know it's important to be rested in the morning for those tasks that await us in the new day. How do we get any sleep when there's so much noise!

People have tried ear plugs. Are they really effective? Especially when the house vibrates with their every breath. Others have tried putting goose down cotton pillows over their head. Does that work? Maybe you've even tried hiding under a soft plush down alternative comforter. Maybe it works but there's no air under there.

If you're in the same bed, you can roll them over or tell them to roll over. That will work until you're almost asleep when they roll back over and it starts all over again.

There are things you can buy for them to put in their mouth. Is it really comfortable for them? While it may be a relief for you, is the snorer now the sleepless one while you finally get your needed rest?

Here's an idea I made up myself. At least I haven't heard it from anyone else. Normally a snore is pretty much the same noise with every breath. There's a rhythm that is constant, much like a ticking clock or the waves coming ashore from the ocean. Instead of a snore being an annoyance, with a simple tweak in our thinking, we can turn that irritating noise it into a comforting, peaceful thing. Constant. Rhythm. Peaceful. Reassuring. So now we can all get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed, friends again in the morning.

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