Monday, May 2, 2016

A Nap Anyone?

A nap today is something not everyone has the luxury to take.  Or do they?

A nap has a huge benefit in today's crazy world.  It relieves stress and clears your head.  It gives you the feeling of a fresh start and sets you up for more productivity.  Here are a few tips for napping.
  1. Take your nap after you have been awake for at least 6 hours for premium benefit. 
  2. Drink a cup of hot coffee just before napping.  
  3. Sleep no longer than a half hour.Caffeine takes effect in about 20 minutes so you can wake up readily.
  4. Nap in a dark room.
  5. If you can nap every day, schedule a designated time so your body will get into a set routine.
  6. Sit upright to avoid deep sleep.
You will find a nap can make you feel more rested, alert, productive and creative.

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