Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bedtime with Little Red

So it's bedtime after a long day:

Little Red started to head off to bed,
but wait, not yet said Little Red.
I want to be fed just before bed,
just anything red would do before bed.
Red pepper, red lollipop, cinnamon red,
any old thing as long as it's red.
An apple will do as long as it's red
and ice cream, that's better, just make it red.
There's an earthworm outside, someone said.
No, no, not that one said Little Red.
Strawberry ice cream said Little Red,
that's what I want just before bed.
So strawberry ice cream ate Little Red.
Now it's off to bed with you Little Red.
But wait, not just yet, I want some bread
to go with the ice cream said Little Red.
But that's not red, not at all red.
It's OK now, I had what was red.
It's a nice slice of bread for Little Red.

Now after bread you must go to bed.
No wait, I just had a horrible thought
of something I left outside in the shed.
Now I can't go to bed yet said Little Red.
I have to go get my little toy sled.
I left it outside, out in the shed.
So out to the shed went Little Red
to find his little toy sled.
Can't sleep, can't possibly go to bed
without my little toy sled said Little Red.
With toy in hand, was Little Red led
back into the house and up into bed.
Oh wait, not yet.  You haven't read
a story to me yet, you haven't yet read.
And after the story was read, it was said
with hands to my head, from the room I fled.

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