Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Clean a Down/Feather Comforter

Check the care instructions label on your comforter before you begin and be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

Normally, it's best to avoid dry cleaning your heavy comforter down / feather because it is possible the cleaning agents could damage the down fill. You can send it to the dry cleaners to wash if they have large washing machines. Or you can take it to the local laundromat and wash it in a large commercial washer if it doesn't fit in your washer. A twin size comforter will probably fit in a normal washer.

Spread the comforter around evenly in your washer. Cool water is recommended in order to avoid shrinkage. Cut back on the amount of detergent you would normally use on a load of clothes because it is not as dense as a regular load of clothes. Use only mild detergent without any additives and no fabric softener as this can damage the fill as well. Use the fastest spin cycle to remove as much water as possible before drying.

Dry your comforter down / feather in the dryer on low temperature. It will take a very long time to

dry, upwards of 12 hours. You can use clean tennis balls to help fluff it up and keep the comforter from clumping. Or you could use down fluffer rings for the same effect. To retard clumping will make it dry more evenly and thoroughly.  It is recommended to dry it in the dryer as opposed to drying outside on the line so that the comforter is continuously fluffing for thorough and even drying.

Be sure your comforter is completely dry before you fold it and put it away. Any dampness will cause it to mold or mildew.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Happened to the Bedding Exactly?

Has this ever happened to you?  You come home tired and just want to relax, and find this mess.  The bed linen is loose, the comforter is just hanging, things are strewn all over and you're met by your most dedicated and lovingly loyal pet.

Man's best friend is giving marching orders.  He has made an emphatic statement and you had better get it!  He's innocent, you know.  He is your dedicated and lovingly loyal pet.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

So You Have No Peace.....Can't Sleep at Night?

All is quiet in the house – except that's when everything in you goes into full gear. So much in there. So much to deal with. So many things pressing in. You have no peace. You can't sleep.

Maybe you've tried all those health drinks and maybe they have worked to a degree. Maybe you've spent thousands of dollars on self-help solutions when your emotions are out of control. Maybe
you've tried the medical world. Maybe you've tried different religions.

Maybe they help and maybe they don't. There's still an inside struggle and an unrest you can't put your finger on. Peace – real peace doesn't come from any outside source. The Creator of the universe has made you in His image. You were made to be complete with Him inside you. You will never have peace without Him. Love created you and Love will cradle you in every storm – if He is invited to be the Master of your life, meaning you give up, give in and give to Him your whole being. He has peace you can't even begin to imagine until you experience Him for yourself.

There is a part of man that has been ignored – the real you. That's the part that becomes whole when Jesus – the Prince of Peace – is allowed in. You will still have problems to deal with but you won't have to solve them on your own. He will be your counsel and help. And oh, the rewards of a loving Savior! Put the darkness out, invite the light in. Now sleep peacefully, loved one. You can trust Him.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

5000 Beds and Bedding Donated

A community donation campaign called 5000 Dreams has formed to help new refugees in the local IKEA store areas, according to a press release from PR Newswire on June 14, 2017 in Conshohocken, PA. With three partner refugee organizations, 5000 beds and bedding will be donated by IKEA to help refugees and their families make a new start in America. Many have fled with no possessions, having been displaced by violence and intense persecution. This is a worldwide problem, having accelerated in recent years with unprecedented violence, and these organizations have partnered together to help meet basic needs in these communities. The program, 5000 Dreams demonstrates compassion for those who have been unexpectedly uprooted, meeting a very basic need, a bed to sleep on.
IKEA U.S. Has worked in other community programs including Early Steps to School Success, Feeding the Future and the Life Improvement programs to help local schools and other organizations. IKEA provides donations and volunteers. Worldwide, IKEA helps provide shelter, helps with life skills training, gives access to education and renewable energy for families in Ethiopia, Burkina Fasco, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Sudan, Chad and Kenya. For those in need here in America, they also offer discounted items like food and other basics through their stores and restaurants in these communities.

The three coordinated organizations involved in the 5000 Dreams program are the U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, the International Rescue Committee and the Ethiopian Community Development Council. The 5000 beds and beddingwill be donated over the years 2017 and 2018.

For the full news release go to

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Bedroom .... Ahhh ...

I come home from school and find my way back to my room to hang out for awhile. It's my comfortable place where I can relax and chill. I'm enjoying my time when I hear my mom coming down the hall. She knocks on the door then peeks in.

Well, it's not too pretty then... What? A mess? Nuh uh. Mmmm ... well. It's lived in. My comfort zone. But clean it up? Seriously? Where do I start?

She says I have to start with the floor because there's no place to walk. There are lots of things on the floor, mostly clothes. I really don't know which ones are clean and which are dirty so I grab a laundry basket & stuff them all in there. There are a some pencils and odd things in there, but oh well, mom will sort it all out. She always does.

I have to make my bed? The bed linen sheets & pillowcases - I have to find them first. Wait, I think they're in the laundry basket. Yes I found them. What a job! Everything was off. How did this happen anyway? When I get the sheets put on my bed, then I have to put the Monica floral roses bed quilt on too. And I have to put the cotton bed pillows inside the quilt shams too. This is a lot of work!

I don't have time to sweep or dust, it's time for dinner. I'll do that another time. And I promise my Mom I won't let it get this cluttered again ... ever.

Monday, May 29, 2017

How to Sleep with a Snorer

This is an age old problem. Usually there's at least one in every household. We know it's important to be rested in the morning for those tasks that await us in the new day. How do we get any sleep when there's so much noise!

People have tried ear plugs. Are they really effective? Especially when the house vibrates with their every breath. Others have tried putting goose down cotton pillows over their head. Does that work? Maybe you've even tried hiding under a soft plush down alternative comforter. Maybe it works but there's no air under there.

If you're in the same bed, you can roll them over or tell them to roll over. That will work until you're almost asleep when they roll back over and it starts all over again.

There are things you can buy for them to put in their mouth. Is it really comfortable for them? While it may be a relief for you, is the snorer now the sleepless one while you finally get your needed rest?

Here's an idea I made up myself. At least I haven't heard it from anyone else. Normally a snore is pretty much the same noise with every breath. There's a rhythm that is constant, much like a ticking clock or the waves coming ashore from the ocean. Instead of a snore being an annoyance, with a simple tweak in our thinking, we can turn that irritating noise it into a comforting, peaceful thing. Constant. Rhythm. Peaceful. Reassuring. So now we can all get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed, friends again in the morning.